Top 5 Reasons to Love Excel-Based Reporting


Top 5 Reasons to Love Excel Reporting

1. Most people are familiar with Microsoft Excel®

If you are in the accounting or finance department, chances are you already know how to use Microsoft Excel®. It’s one of the most widely used spreadsheet programs, and if you have worked with spreadsheets, most likely it’s been with Excel. You may not know all the fancy and complex functions, but you can create formulas, insert and delete columns and rows, and add text formatting. All this means that there is no additional training needed to learn the foundation for your financial reporting because Excel-based reporting can do everything you need it to!

Excel-based reporting simply supplements your existing Excel spreadsheet’s capabilities and should be seamless with your everyday activities and requirements.

2. You can format Excel to your heart’s content

Do you want your negative numbers to be in brackets and red? Do you want to highlight certain cells that contain certain values? Or perhaps you would like to insert your logo or make your titles be in bold? All of this and more you can do easily in Excel without any special training.

Formatted Vivid Flex Report in Microsoft Excel

3. Data visualization that’s easy to understand

Use the data in Excel to create pie charts, graphs, and certain conditions to add meaning to your data. These can then be used to add visual emphasis to business reports and to make data analysis easier. Most of us can spot trends and notice discrepancies faster when data is visualized than when it is presented on a spreadsheet full of numbers.

Data Visualization on Microsoft Excel

4. Easily perform ad-hoc calculations and modeling

With Excel, you can quickly copy areas of a worksheet and various reporting elements, calculations, and other data objects to build new reports, templates, and models in a few minutes versus hours or days. Change reports on the fly to view data from new perspectives. What-If analysis becomes extremely easy, especially if the formats are already created and users just need to change a few drivers. Perhaps you want to quickly make a copy of an entire report, to experiment, or try something new, to learn. This is very easily done in Excel! Analysis has never been easier!

5. Functions and Logic for advanced KPIs and operating metrics

Excel ships with thousands of baked in functions. Finding the functions that you want is easy and there is a wealth of information just a Google or YouTube click away. By leveraging Excel, you immediately have access to these advanced functions and without having to spend hours in a classroom learning a proprietary system and second way to achieve what was already available in Excel.


What does this mean for your business and how can Vivid Reports help?

Vivid Reports is Excel-based, which means that you can pull in your data from your accounting system (and any other databases) and then use the functionality of Excel (that you already know!) to make meaningful and presentation-ready reports. With a click of a button, you can refresh reports with new reporting parameters, but the formatting and calculations are already set up for the newly refreshed data! You can then share these reports across your company, and with Vivid Reports security, you can be sure that users are only seeing the data they are permitted to access. You an also take your Excel based reports and publish them through Vivid Reports where they can be interacted with and consumed over the Internet through browsers, phones, and tablets while still preserving all of the rich formatting created in Excel! You truly get the best of both worlds with Vivid Reports.

Cash Flow Report Package – Powered by Vivid Flex


As many organizations have faced unprecedented circumstances and financial uncertainty in the wake of COVID-19, cash flow reporting and expense control has become essential.

Why Cash Flow Now?

In simple terms, cash flow management refers to the process of tracking how much money is coming in and out of your organization in real-time. To measure cash flow is not the same process as measuring profitability. Your organization may still be profitable, but what if you are faced with a situation where expenses are due before revenues are collected? This is where cash flow management comes into play. As business has been slowed down around the world, many organizations are faced with a situation where expenses are due before expected incomes can be realized. Building an effective cash flow management strategy now will help your organization plan for the long term in a climate where many organizations are uncertain about how long the current economic disruption may last including the recovery phase.

How Vivid Helps

Vivid Reports is giving back to the business community by offering our cash flow reporting package for free use* (some conditions may apply) for 90 days. We hope that having free, simple access to an effective cash flow management tool will help organizations plan for the future and get back on their feet stronger than ever before. Our advanced, interactive cash flow management reports connect in real-time directly to your ERP through one of our primary products; Vivid Flex. Like all Vivid Flex reports, these reports can be refreshed in real-time, with the click of a button. This allows you to have up to date information anytime you need it, so if there are any sudden changes, you can rest assured that you will have the information needed to respond. No need for guesswork or estimation as your most recent numbers will always be right at your fingertips.

What is included in the Cash Flow Report Package?

  • Cash Activity Report
  • Monthly & Weekly Cash Forecasts
  • Collections Forecasting
  • RMR Forecasting
  • AR Aging
  • AP Aging
For more details or questions, please Contact Us, as we will be happy to answer any questions and explain how you can leverage this powerful cash flow package for free for up to 90 days. Some terms, conditions, and set up fees may be applicable*.

Click the images below for a closer look at the examples!

Cash Activity Report Example

Cash Activity Report

Monthly Cash Forecasting Model Template

Cash Forecasting Model

With Vivid Reports, Compatibility is Never an Issue


By integrating with a wide variety of systems, we ensure that our software is compatible with your ERP, reducing technological barriers and making Vivid extremely easy to adopt and deploy. Vivid works directly with Microsoft Excel® and your accounting, ERP, and other systems, which means the need to manually export and import to Excel® is eliminated.

Vivid Reports also provides a seamless user experience in terms of how you navigate reports and information and perform analysis. Information is always connected and at your fingertips with Vivid Reports allowing you to gain insight efficiently and from a single system. You don’t have to jump between multiple screens or multiple systems. Reports and budget templates can be defined so that seamless analysis and understanding is immediate and accurate.

We have completed many integrations to ensure that Vivid is compatible with most popular accounting and ERP systems, so integration is not an issue, and you are ready to use Vivid Reports right away. Cloud based ERP such as Acumatica or Epicor E10 Cloud are no problem for Vivid Reports. Today, Vivid is fully integrated with at least 60 ERP systems.

We also provide seamless reporting across multiple systems. Today, many companies are running multiple systems from Accounting, ERP, CRM, Document Management, Payroll, and a plethora of other service based systems such as time and billing, expense management, etc. Trying to report off of all these data sources (aka “information silos”) to get a complete and seamless picture of operations and financial performance can be a major challenge. Vivid Reports provides seamless access to all accessible data with a single Refresh point and shared parameter set!

Software compatibility is never an issue. Vivid Reports works with all desktop versions of Microsoft Excel® going back to Excel® 2003 (pre-ribbon!) as well as back to Microsoft SQL Server® 2005, including 32 and 64 bit. We also guarantee future compatibility with your ERP as new versions are released. For example, Vivid Reports has been integrated with every version of Dynamics GP (Great Plains) since version 6.0 back in 2001. To see some of the accounting systems, databases, and APIs Vivid is running against and already fully integrated with, see our integration page. If your accounting system is not on this page, please let us know and we will check if we have an integration as not all of our integrations are listed.

Great Services Satisfy Customers and Build Trust

You can trust Vivid Reports to be there when you need us! We provide excellent training and support services to ensure you’re using our software to its fullest potential. We also offer support around report development and data conversion if you don’t have the resources internally or would prefer to hire us to do the “heavy lifting”. Whether you’re a partner or a customer, Vivid is focused on helping you succeed!

Our customers have told us that our support is second to none, not just in terms of software providers but in terms of all suppliers. We have many long-term customers because they take comfort knowing that we are always there for them. Our support team is made up of friendly Vivid Reports team members who are always locally sourced. There will always be an internally trained Vivid expert available to pick up the phone or reply to a support email during normal business hours. We also offer remote screen sharing support to see exactly what you see and to guide you through your question or scenario.

If you’re a new Vivid user, we also offer an excellent training program to help you gain a deep understanding of the software. Training sessions are also recorded and provided back to our customers as an additional resource or for training additional staff internally. Customers from all industries have expressed a high satisfaction rate with our training program, which has been perfected over the years and can be tailored to suit both technical and non-technical Vivid users. We are happy to book a short discovery call with you, at no charge, so that we can review and tweak our training to your specific needs to ensure you hit the ground running. Please feel free to take a look at what some of our other customers have to say about their Vivid Reports customer experience.

Alongside our high customer satisfaction, we also have a trusted partner program. We are dedicated to our partners’ success and offer both pre-sale and post-sale support, POC demos, and co-marketing efforts. To learn more, visit our partner program page.

Whether you’re a potential partner looking for a supportive organization or a potential customer seeking a software company with excellent training and support services, we would love to hear from you!

Need Reporting and Budgeting Software but don’t want to become a Programmer to use it?

Have you ever had to call someone to help you get some information or run a report for you? Wouldn’t it be great if you could create and run accurate and easy-to-read reports without having to call for help? Vivid Reports CPM reporting and budgeting software and Vivid Flex have been designed with non-technical users in mind. Our user-friendly interfaces and design methodology can be learnt in as little as two hours and we are dedicated to providing all of our users with high quality and efficient training.

Once you have completed the Vivid Reports training program, conducted live on your system with your information, you will be a self-sufficient expert on Vivid Reports. While our support team is fantastic, we want you to be able to use our software independently with ease so that you can master report development and efficiently take full advantage of all Vivid Reports has to offer. Our seamless integration with Microsoft Excel® allows you to decrease the learning curve, especially for our non-technical users, while allowing you to leverage the vast functionality offered by Excel® when presenting your reports and information.

The Vivid Reports interface is designed very well to enable report and template design with minimal steps, screens, and instruction. Interfaces are understood automatically or by simply exploring their options to see how easy it works. Everything within the Vivid Reports software flows together and the building-block design to financial reporting makes it easy to create new reports and budget templates by reusing previously created components such as Control Panels and report definitions. Drill-Downs and other analysis tools work automatically without further report development considerations.

To start with Vivid today and become an expert tomorrow, please reach out to our sales team or schedule a demo today!

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