Vivid Reports works with ALL of your Information for Comprehensive Reporting and Budgeting


Vivid can report on any data in any ODBC database. Information from the ERP, General Ledger, and Sub Ledgers can be easily combined with information in external systems!

Get high quality financial AND operational reports.

With Vivid Reports, Compatibility is Never an Issue

We reduce technological barriers and make our software extremely easy to adopt and deploy. We are compatible with all major versions of Excel, Windows, SQL Server and are integrated with close to 50 ERP systems.

Great Services Satisfy Customers and Build Trust

You can trust Vivid Reports to be there when you need us! We provide excellent professional services in report development, conversion, training, and support.

Need Reporting and Budgeting Software but don’t want to become a Programmer to use it?

Our user-friendly software can be learned by non-technical users in as little as two hours. Once you understand some basic concepts of how our software works, you are off and running!

What makes Vivid Reports so Fast?

Our advanced technology leverages the power of Microsoft SQL Server combined with our proprietary algorithms and data processes. Your reports and analysis have never been so fast!

Stays fast, even with large databases and multi-user environments.

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