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Vivid Reports: Simplifying Decisions with Better Insights

The primary purpose of business intelligence software is to help decision makers make better decisions through better insights. “Better decisions” may include faster decision making, greater awareness of fiscal and operational performance, ability to monitor and measure performance, setting goals and objectives, etc. Vivid Reports has been designed with decision-making in mind. Strong analysis features, […]

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How Vivid Reports helps Jonas Enterprise ERP Users Streamline Processes

Vivid Reports and Jonas Enterprise ERP

Vivid Reports recognizes that many industry leading organizations are running Jonas Enterprise ERP. Jonas’s strengths are that it is able to provide rich project management capabilities and capture relevant information, ensuring projects always stay on time and on budget. Vivid’s CPM and Flex software products help take your usage of Jonas to the next level. Jonas […]

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Vivid Reports – Flex

Flex icon

If you are using a reporting tool such as SSRS, Power BI, Crystal Reports, SmartLists or Microsoft Access, then it would definitely be worth your while to take a closer look at Vivid Flex. Flex offers a variety of features that help make your reporting processes more efficient and eliminating manual exporting/importing processes. Vivid Flex by […]

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Vivid Reports – Cloud Ready

Cloud Ready on Mobile

Vivid Reports cloud-based Web Application. From left to right: Vivid on desktop using Google Chrome and on mobile using an Android device. Click to enlarge the images.   Everyday, more and more companies are turning towards internet-based solutions to manage their accounting and operating systems. IT departments are being simplified and investments in servers, routers, […]

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Be Wary of Formula

excel formulas out of hte equation

When we were developing Vivid Reports, we set out to invent a new way to interface with Microsoft Excel® that would not be based on a Excel formula while still being flexible, secure, and reliable. Although we had used Excel for years, we researched it extensively to find a better way to integrate. The unique method […]

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Don’t Forget About Financial Reporting…

Graphs, charts, traffic lights, thermometers, spinning monkeys, you name it. We are a visual species, and the seemingly endless onslaught of data visualization BI tools would suggest that we are becoming even more accustomed to making business decisions with the help of pretty pictures. I don’t mean to diminish the value of these types of […]

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The Case For Excel-Based Dashboards

Dashboards have become an essential tool to support many business functions. Today, you can find dashboards included with most ERP and business process software such as CRM and HR. A dashboard is often the first thing that is shown after someone logs into a system. So, what is a Dashboard? The basic purpose of a […]

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The Advantages of a Data Warehouse Layer

When we were designing Vivid Reports CPM, we decided to use a separate data warehouse layer. We are often asked why, and what we feel the advantages are. I hope this article will shed some light on why we feel a data warehouse layer provides a superior reporting experience. There are two fundamental data access methods when it […]

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