Vivid Reports and Jonas Enterprise ERP

How Vivid Reports helps Jonas Enterprise ERP Users Streamline Processes

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Vivid Reports recognizes that many industry leading organizations are running Jonas Enterprise ERP. Jonas’s strengths are that it is able to provide rich project management capabilities and capture relevant information, ensuring projects always stay on time and on budget.

Vivid’s CPM and Flex software products help take your usage of Jonas to the next level. Jonas is great for capturing your data and Vivid Reports is great at helping you access, share, and report that data, easily.

We understand that service and construction companies are busy. Time is money, and things can get complicated fast. We know we can help you make the most of what the Jonas ERP has to offer by extracting the valuable information captured by your teams. As a Microsoft Excel® add-on, Vivid does not force your accounting and management teams to learn an entirely new application with complex reporting language and a long implementation and training process. If you know how to use Microsoft Excel®, you can learn Vivid with ease. Vivid Reports is used by numerous public companies and is SOX compliant. Team members that are only viewing and analyzing reports can access their information either through Microsoft Excel® or a supported web-browser on any device.

Vivid brings Jonas data directly into Microsoft Excel® where it can be easily refreshed, shared, and navigated. Vivid Flex provides your team with instant project reporting, keeping everyone in the loop. Leverage our pre-built “data views” that bring all project information together for easy consolidated reporting. Views for other areas of Jonas are also available.

Vivid CPM is integrated with Jonas ERP and provides rich financial reporting. Anything from profit and loss, balance sheet, or cash flow reports based off the general ledger and using your Chart-Of-Accounts. Vivid CPM can help you consolidate your data in a snap with immediate drill-down back to individual transactions and project details. Additionally, strong analysis features make your month-end close a snap. Features include variance analysis, drill-across for trending, integration with document management software, and more.

When it comes to budgeting, Vivid CPM has you covered! Our advanced budgeting functionality will make your budget process easy and painless. With capabilities such as unlimited versions, what-if scenario planning, audit of changes, and ability to capture comments, assumptions and budget details such as transactions and project information. Consolidate budgets from all team members in snap and eliminate emailing Microsoft Excel® files back and forth. Your budgets have never been so complete and accurate.

A screenshot of an example report made by Vivid Reports using Jonas data
Click the image to see an example of what a Vivid Report using Jonas data could look like!

With Vivid, all of your data is centralized, secured, and easily accessible. We can help ensure there are no misunderstandings between your finance and project management teams. This creates company wide buy-in and ensures everyone is responsible for their operational and fiscal performance.

If you’re a service or construction company using the Jonas Enterprise ERP, send us an email or call us to learn how we can help you use your data to its full potential!