Need Reporting and Budgeting Software but don’t want to become a Programmer to use it?

Have you ever had to call someone to help you get some information or run a report for you? Wouldn’t it be great if you could create and run accurate and easy-to-read reports without having to call for help? Vivid Reports CPM reporting and budgeting software and Vivid Flex have been designed with non-technical users in mind. Our user-friendly interfaces and design methodology can be learnt in as little as two hours and we are dedicated to providing all of our users with high quality and efficient training.

Once you have completed the Vivid Reports training program, conducted live on your system with your information, you will be a self-sufficient expert on Vivid Reports. While our support team is fantastic, we want you to be able to use our software independently with ease so that you can master report development and efficiently take full advantage of all Vivid Reports has to offer. Our seamless integration with Microsoft Excel® allows you to decrease the learning curve, especially for our non-technical users, while allowing you to leverage the vast functionality offered by Excel® when presenting your reports and information.

The Vivid Reports interface is designed very well to enable report and template design with minimal steps, screens, and instruction. Interfaces are understood automatically or by simply exploring their options to see how easy it works. Everything within the Vivid Reports software flows together and the building-block design to financial reporting makes it easy to create new reports and budget templates by reusing previously created components such as Control Panels and report definitions. Drill-Downs and other analysis tools work automatically without further report development considerations.

To start with Vivid today and become an expert tomorrow, please reach out to our sales team or schedule a demo today!

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