The Vivid Difference

Sophisticated Reporting Unprecedented Speed

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Industry: Home Improvement and Building Supplies

“Vivid allows us to blend financial data with our operational data all in one place with ease.”

–Mark Marlatt, IT Director, Bloedorn Lumber

  • HQ: Torrington, Wyoming, USA
  • Locations: 27 locations across four states
  • Employees: 320+
  • Current ERP System: Microsoft Dynamics GP®
  • Current Reporting Software: Management Reporter
  • Current Budgeting Software: Manual use of Microsoft Excel®
  • Current Operational System: BisTrack
  • Website:
  • Branch managers need to open multiple applications in order to view and compare various financial or operational information
  • The budget consolidation process takes approximately two weeks to complete
  • Takes over six hours a week to manually compile data exports from various applications
  • Current financial software is unable to report off operational data
  • Cross visibility and consolidations of working budgets are virtually impossible
  • Viewing historical trends requires researching through prior periods spreadsheets
  • Use one solution that allows managers across all locations to view combined financial and operational data across multiple periods
  • Implement consistent and centralized budgeting processes with proper controls and consolidation with historical tracking
  • Find a software that is easy to maintain and accommodates growth
  • Full product implementation was done under 15 hours over the course of two months
  • Remote training access eliminated travel costs
  • Internal staff were able to train 24 branch managers in one hour
  • Solutions were easily integrated due to end user familiarity with Excel®
  • Six to eight hours of manual work a week reduced to minutes of one-click updates
  • Over 80% reduction in reporting and budgeting prep times
  • Eliminated dependency on head offices for information inquiries by providing managers easy access to data, dynamic reports, and drill down options
  • Increased reporting accuracy through consistent formats and real-time data availability
  • Bloedorn staff are able to seamlessly create, update and maintain reports and budgets across all locations

A Vivid Result: Reporting that stays fast and accurate across multiple locations