Excel Reporting Interface

Easy yet powerful reporting that seamlessly delivers information from any ODBC database directly and securely to Microsoft Excel. Use Flex to connect to vital information captured by the world’s most popular ERP including Microsoft Dynamics, Epicor, Sage, Oracle and SAP as well as other systems you may be using for order management, payroll and HR, CRM, and inventory. All features and options are included out of the box:

  • Report Engine: Easily control and change what you want to see
  • Report Library: Store and share report definitions
  • Automation: Automatically produce and deliver reports to various destinations
  • Scheduler: Schedule the days and times when Automation will run
  • Linking: Link reports together any way you need to connect information in meaningful ways
  • Formatting: Subtotal, group by, pivot, copy formats, conditional formats
  • SQL Designer: Full SQL designer, GUI and support for all SQL commands
  • Simple Designer: A wizard that enables non-technical staff to develop reports on their own
  • Preview Screen: Preview results as you build reports or export back to Excel any time
  • User Management: Administer the software, users profiles, and security
  • Connection Management: Administer unlimited data connections and authorizations

User Types

We wanted to make Flex as easy and as affordable as possible and this extends to our User Types as well. There are only two types of users and you can tailor each to further control exactly the functionality that each user profile will have.  The first type of user is our consumer license that allows someone to dynamically change report parameters and refresh live information.  These users can also link to other reports for analysis.  The second type of user is our builder license that allows someone to administrator the software as well as build reports, KPI, and dashboards within Excel.



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