What makes Vivid Reports so Fast?

“Fast” and “Easy” are the two most overused words used to describe computer software. But when we say Vivid Reports is “Fast” we really mean it! Vivid doesn’t just perform fast with small to medium sized companies but large complex organizations too. Organizations with hundreds of thousands of General Ledger accounts, multiple entities, hundreds of users and millions of transactions are no problem for Vivid Reports CPM and Flex.

At Vivid Reports, we realize that time is money and our customers are very busy individuals. Therefore, we ensure that Vivid Reports starts fast and stays fast even as your data grows and even when connected to multiple large-sized databases and multi-user environments. Our development team has spent two decades tweaking and perfecting the methods we use to get data from a database and onto a screen as fast and effortlessly as possible.

Although Vivid Reports uses Microsoft Excel® as our presentation layer, Vivid Reports is actually leveraging the power of Microsoft SQL Server® in the background. Excel® is only used to display your final results and we’ve developed several methods to populate Excel® as fast as possible. This ensures you don’t have to wait for your local device / workstation to process complex Excel® based formulas before you see the results.

One of the reasons we love to provide our new customers with a Proof-Of-Concept (POC) is that we are very confident you are going to see substantial performance gains over other tools you might be currently using.

Vivid Reports’ development team has created revolutionary proprietary algorithms and data retrieval methods that are written specifically for the Vivid Reports reporting and analysis framework. Many other techniques are used as well, to ensure a great user experience through efficient reporting and analysis. We know you have better things to do with your time!

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