How does Vivid Reports Keep Your Information Safe and Secure?

photo of a laptop with a lock on the screenWhen it comes to sensitive data such as financial information, keeping it security is of the utmost importance. This is why Vivid Reports CPM and Flex are designed to protect your organization’s information.

Vivid Reports CPM user setup allows you to define user permissions that control exactly who can see and do what. For example, you can limit users to only seeing certain G/L accounts, business units, or segments. Continually, you can control who is able to use certain features, such as drill to accounts payable.

Defining and maintaining user security can be time consuming. This is why Vivid Reports allows you to control security through user roles. You may copy an existing user setup to a new user and create and export all security settings to ensure consistency and compliance. Furthermore, it is easy to rename and assign user profiles whenever a new employee enters an existing position.

Vivid Reports can also lock-down report definitions and keep them secure within a central database. The central database allows you to manage fewer items and make global changes that will immediately reflect across multiple reports upon refresh.

Report definitions can also be assigned to individual users for maintenance and monitored with an audit trail for changes. This enables Vivid Reports to meet requirements. You have full control over the flow of information originating within your core systems and ERP through to your reports and analysis. Since we , you have complete control and peace of mind.

Vivid Reports can piggyback onto Windows® and authentication methods.

If you have any questions or concerns about your security when choosing Vivid Reports, .



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