About Vivid Reports

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Vivid’s Christine Boisvert talks with Dynamics Connections re: Partnerships

  • Drive better decisions by gaining new insights and better understanding of operating and financial performance
  • Empower managers and create fiscal responsibility
  • Save time for IT and Accounting so they can focus on adding more value
  • Increase Profit
    • Exceptional Margins
    • Recurring Revenue
    • Services and consulting revenue opportunities
    • Solutions that are easy to sell and support
    • Low startup and training costs
  • Customer Satisfaction & Retention
    • Software that exceeds expectations
    • Very high customer satisfaction
    • Helps with long-term retention
  • Great Technology that goes Beyond the Ordinary
    • Produce virtually any report
    • Sophisticated features, yet easy to use
  • We are Fully Committed to your Success
    • Pre-sales and post-sales support
    • POC demos, participation in events, co-marketing efforts

Vivid Reports offers 2 Partner Types:

Referral Partner:

  • Introduce Vivid Reports to prospects and current customers
  • Vivid Reports does all the work and the Partner earns a referral fee

Reseller Partner:

  • The Partner leads the sales process, Vivid Reports provides the support you need every step of the way
  • Certified resellers earn 100% of services they provide