Vivid Reports FLEX

Operational Reporting

Dashboards and KPIs

Data Capture and Forecasting

Easy yet powerful reporting that seamlessly delivers information from any ODBC database directly and securely to Microsoft Excel®. Vivid Reports Flex features several valuable components to connect vital information captured by the world’s most popular ERP including Microsoft Dynamics®, Epicor, Sage, Oracle, SAP, as well as many other systems you may be using for sales, order management, payroll and HR, CRM, and inventory.

  • Transform Microsoft Excel® into a secure reporting portal with ordinary Microsoft Excel® files that anyone can open and view
  • Control Panels (Trees) that are essential for easy and secure navigation
  • Dynamic SQL to leverage the power of Microsoft Excel® and a Control Panel to pass dynamic parameters to your SQL expression
  • A simple designer that is ideal for non-technical users to access and create reports on the information they need to make decisions, or to quickly define and generate a report and control panel
  • Full SQL Designer: Copy and paste existing SQL from SSRS, Views, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access®, etc. directly into Flex or develop your own SQL expressions, or design your own SQL expression
  • Preview Screen: Preview results as you build reports or export back to Microsoft Excel® anytime
  • Report Definition & Generation: Control your report behavior and presentation by setting various report options, including formatting, headers, insert method, filtering, links, and subtotals
  • Linking (drill-down): Effortlessly navigate your information (to report or screen) even if it that information resides in multiple systems
  • Automation: Easily distribute a set of reports to various users based on their unique requirements or generate a set of monthly reports
  • Print-to-PDF: Easy viewing on a smartphone or tablet
  • Scheduler: Schedule the days and times for report generation and delivery
  • Data Saver: Communicate and capture input from your team
  • User Management: Administer the software, users’ profiles, and security
  • Connection Management: Administer unlimited data connections and authorizations
  • Live information seamlessly refreshes into Microsoft Excel® where the reports get updated in seconds
  • Empower your users to take control and focus on the information that is important to them
  • Get timely information by enabling your users to run reports when they need to
  • Easily combine the results from multiple systems and data sources together to produce more comprehensive reports and provide the complete picture
  • Reduce the number of reports and expressions that need to be defined and managed, simplifying your processes
  • Processes any SQL expression so you can define exactly what you see, from a single value in one cell to thousands of columns and rows
  • Easy to deploy, share reports, and collaborate
  • Create, update, print, PDF or email multiple reports with a single click
  • Stop exporting; your information is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Excel®
  • Free up valuable IT resources by creating dynamic reports your users can interact with
  • Compatible & works with Microsoft Excel® without the use of macros, VBA, or any other special encoding, setup, or configuration
  • Installs within minutes and software updates are downloaded when a user logs in to ensure the latest functionality
  • Fully integrated with Vivid Reports CPM
  • Excellent services to ensure you realize the full potential of Vivid Reports Flex