“Vivid is a terrific product which can be utilized as much as you want depending on what you want to get out of it. The implementation and training went very smoothly and the software is working really well for us”

Penner Farm Services

“Vivid Reports has made reporting financial information to non-financial managers very simple. The summary reports that drill down to all details are pulled directly from our Accounting Systems and in Excel format. Which is great because everyone is familiar with Excel”

The Fund for American Studies

“We found it to have a very short learning curve. Vivid has complex features that are intuitive and easy to learn. Took a fraction of the time to set up reports on Vivid that it did on the financial reporter that came with the Accounting Software and has a lot more flexibility.”

The Manitoba Teachers Society

“We were looking for a product that would be reliable, and easy to implement. We installed Vivid Reports and recognized production gains in our first month. We are looking forward to improving our efficiencies, and allowing us access to data we couldn’t easily get to before. Our user group has been really pleased with Vivid Reports”

The Dufresne Group

“We are happy campers, using Vivid is an absolute delight! They have created efficiencies in the preparation of reports at the click of a button. The biggest benefits were in the variance analysis efficiencies and easily identifying coding mistakes. We have struggled with reporting for years and now it is motivating because we finally have the right tool for the job!”

Mt. Seymour Resorts

“Instead of taking the better part of a day to prepare the information for our financial statements Vivid Reports does it in minutes. Users can answer more questions on their own now and we don’t have to rely on our IT department either. We are using Vivid Reports with Dynamics AX 4.0 and have over 100 departments.”

Ridley Inc.

“We have eight separate Dynamics GP databases that store over 20 individual companies. Vivid Reports allows us to create virtually any statement format we want and report across the entire organization from a single Excel worksheet. The numerous features of Vivid all add up to save us a huge amount of time. The system was installed and the training completed in a day.”

Paterson Global Foods

“Vivid Reports makes our company more efficient in numerous ways from distributing the statements to reviewing the information.”

Brett Young

“We needed better access to the wealth of financial information available within Dynamics NAV (Navision) and were extremely excited about the reporting and budgeting capabilities of Vivid Reports when we saw it. Vivid Reports has provided us the ability to create reports out of the financial database very quickly and easily for all aspects of our organization. It is an excellent reporting tool and the service from Vivid Reports has been exceptional.”

Prairie South School Division

“It appears the people behind Vivid Reports have thought of everything! We can create virtually any financial report that we need using this software.”

Big Freight Systems

“I am very pleased with the decision to use Vivid Reports integrated with MAS500 as our replacement reporting tool for FRx. The transition and learning curve was extremely easy and all of my FRx reports were operational in the first month. Vivid Reports also allowed me to automate many tedious repetitive tasks to serve reports, properly filtered, to several subsidiaries in our organization. Combining the power of Excel and access to our financial data with an easy to use tool allows a wealth of additional report functionality and formatting possibilities. The response and knowledge of the customer service and technical staff is also exceptional.”

St. George Warehouse



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