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Vivid Reports Flex is a new way to access and share information with complete flexibility and control. Seamlessly combine the rich formatting and ease-of-use of Microsoft Excel® with the superior processing power and advanced functionality provided by Vivid Reports Flex. Dynamically process any SQL expression directly from Microsoft Excel® enabling unprecedented data access and new capabilities for reporting across all systems and operations.

Leverage Microsoft Excel® to define dynamic SQL expressions that return exactly what you need. Update any part of the expression on the fly by using Flex parameters or changing values in Microsoft Excel®. Enable your decision makers to easily control what they want to see and securely deliver that information into professional Microsoft Excel® reports, dashboards, and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Extend your analysis capabilities with report linking (drill-down) capabilities.

Use Vivid Reports Flex to schedule and automate report delivery, eliminate manual data preparation, simplify complex reconciliations and export routines, and seamlessly combine information from multiple data sources. Automatically populate and generate forms, invoices and statements. Capture input from your team and report on it in real-time. Incorporate operational and statistical information with financial performance reports developed with our other product Vivid Reports CPM.

With Vivid Flex, accessing your data, creating meaningful operational reports, and sharing your information has never been so easy.

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Vivid Flex Sales Dashboard with Drill Down
Vivid Flex Dashboard Interactive Chart
Vivid Flex Purchase Dashboard
Vivid Flex SQL Designer

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Product Images