The Vivid Difference

Sophisticated Reporting Unprecedented Speed

Vivid Reports software provides your organization with many advantages over other business intelligence and reporting solutions currently available in the marketplace. Below are some of the main reasons we stand out from our competition:

  1. We have been focused on business intelligence and reporting software since 1999. This vast experience, combined with the feedback of many satisfied customers, has enabled truly great software.
  2. Our software is easy to use. This is a claim made by just about any software solution available today but at Vivid Reports it means a non-technical person can develop financial reports after just two hours of training.
  3. Our software is as sophisticated as you need. There are no known gaps and just about any financial report or reporting scenario can be accomplished with the core functionality available.
  4. The way we integrate with Microsoft Excel® provides numerous benefits. We enable you to use the Microsoft Excel® interface but to do so in a highly reliable and robust way without taking anything away from Excel®. This allows you to leverage your Microsoft Excel® skills and capabilities, reduce the learning curve, and provide all of the great things Microsoft Excel® has to offer when working with your information such as rich graphs, conditional formatting, and advanced logic.
  5. At Vivid Reports, we push the envelope of what cutting edge software can deliver in terms of accessing the information you need to make well informed decisions. We can connect multiple sources of information from data to images so that whatever you need is only a click away.
  6. Constant evolution. We work tirelessly at Vivid Reports to make our software better, more functional, easier to use, and integrated with more technologies. With Vivid Reports, you can be confident that your organization is using the best in business intelligence and reporting software.
  7. Enterprise level software without the enterprise price.
  8. Excellent support. We are here for our customers whenever they need us. You can be confident that if you have a question, would like advice on a best practice, or require some training for a new employee that we have you covered. We have many customers who have used our technology for 10 or more years, even after replacing their ERP systems they chose to remain on Vivid Reports.