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Less time consolidating, more time analyzing.

Simple, yet powerful software for financial reporting, budgeting, and monitoring KPIs backed by intuitive analysis tools. Let us do the heavy lifting on consolidating, managing, and distributing your reports.


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Most financial professionals spend days every month downloading transactions into spreadsheets, manually consolidating and manually distributing reports.  Imagine a new process:  pick the month, pick the year, click refresh… done.  We’ll save every person in your finance team hours every month and put the tools in their hands to build automated reports that fit their needs.

Vivid is flexible.  If you can visualize the report, you can build it in Vivid.

Vivid connects to your ERP and enables you to build refreshable financial statements in Microsoft Excel® that allow your team to drill down behind each number in the statements. Eliminate linking or consolidating errors, make balancing errors a thing of the past and simplify delivering these reports to your stakeholders.

We teach your financial professional how to define the account roll-ups you want, deploy a reporting tree that represents the hierarchy of your organization, and convert your existing reports into refreshable report templates.

If your team has made acquisitions, does business across multiple countries, or has many operating companies/divisions that require financial reporting, it needs a solution that can consolidate all these areas into a single view of your results.  In Vivid, a report that consolidates financial results across companies might take a hour or two to build, and less than a minute every month to produce updated consolidated statements.

Vivid CPM connects to over 60 ERP systems and our data warehouse can have spot or average currency conversion, as well as a reporting tree representing hundreds of entities.  We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’. Instead, we provide exceptional integration, support, and training services so that Vivid is configured to meet the needs of your team. We want your team equipped to build, manage and distribute reports designed for your unique business.

What does your current budget process look like today?  Is it 30 spreadsheets all linked together where making a change in one sometimes breaks all the others?  Did each spreadsheet have 5 tabs that took you a month to set up because it meant pulling all the last year and YTD data? Does all this work make you hesitant to forecast because it’s just too labor intensive?

We want your managers to focus on entering data, while we do all the heavy lifting on preparing the data and consolidating input. We’ll also give them the critical financial information they need at their fingertips and specialized tools to help them forecast accurately.

Using Vivid, our customers can develop multiple budget plans or scenarios; traditional budgeting, forecasting, rolling budgets, multi-year plans or what if scenarios are all possible.  We combine our budgeting capability with tools for distributing annual allocations, doing project-based budgeting, documenting assumptions, keeping an audit trail and uploading the budget back into your ERP so your team can have the most streamlined budget process possible.

What’s in that number?  Why are we over? You want your finance team and your leadership to have powerful analysis tools at their fingertips to quickly drill down into the GL accounts, look past the accounts into the transactions, entire transaction history, and even view scanned documents like invoices or contracts. 

Contextual analysis turns a spreadsheet into a living window into your ERP. Show what is behind the number you’ve highlighted in your spreadsheet, see trends over month, compare this year versus some other year, see notes and assumptions stored in the budget, explore variance, sort and filter – all – while minimizing the number of button clicks.

Monthly, your team might need to send P&L reports to dozens of divisional managers, compliance reports to a list of board members, covenant reports to your lenders, and operational performance dashboards to your executive team.  With Vivid, at the push of a button, it takes minutes to update and send those 50 reports.

Each recipient’s experience will also differ!

  • Your banker who doesn’t have Vivid will receive a spreadsheet that can be used just like every other spreadsheet. 
  • Your auditor and board members can use Vivid to drill down into certain transaction details in support of compliance reports.
  • Your executive uses the same spreadsheet to see trends and variances while also using Vivid as a window into the ERP.
  • Department managers only see what they are allowed to see and may be restricted from drilling down into areas like payroll.

ERPs change and your company changes, but Vivid can stick with you through these changes as it is also fully transferable from one ERP to another.  Your team will only ever need one reporting and budgeting solution.

Being transferable not only reduces the risk and reduces cost when changing ERPs, it preserves historical financial information long after you’ve decommissioned the ERP.

Our Solutions

Whatever your reporting or budgeting needs, we have a solution for you.

Vivid CPM (Corporate Performance Management) provides a sophisticated financial reporting framework that delivers unprecedented processing speed, ease of use, and security. It transforms Microsoft Excel® into a secure presentation and analysis workspace.

Vivid Flex Reporting allows you to access and share information with flexibility and control. We bring processing power and advanced functionality to the rich formatting of Microsoft Excel®. Process any SQL expression directly from Excel® for access to data and reporting across all systems and operations.

Vivid CPM Budgeting creates a streamlined budgeting process by providing participants with the necessary historical data and analysis. Captures data input in Excel® and pushes it into the data warehouse for seamless consolidation and automated budget summary reports. Use the distribution tools to allocate budgets based on seasonality, custom drivers, or project transactions.

“It appears the people behind Vivid Reports have thought of everything! We can create virtually any financial report that we need using this software.”

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Collaborate, Automate, Distribute and Manage. Securely.

You work in Excel®. Combine the simplicity of Excel with powerful tools to streamline your reporting tasks.

Vivid Reports does not use Excel formula

Build refreshable templates

Build once: Start with your existing reports or build a fresh new look. Vivid templates tell the system how you want to roll up your chart of accounts, what you want to call each account and how to consolidate across companies or ERPs. We offer extreme flexibility in report configuration. Whether your team has 1 site or 500 sites, 1 dimension or 10, finance could produce their first reports within a few hours.

Updating is easy: Now it’s fully automated! Refresh your template in seconds to see next month’s results, automate sending your reporting package, add a new office to all your reports with one simple change, collaborate with report readers, and make error free updates.

Vivid's fast control panel refreshing

Distribute your templates and let Vivid manage what people see

  • Practical: Your banker doesn’t have Vivid but they can open a Vivid generated report in Excel.
  • Collaborate: Your executive receives the same spreadsheet and uses it to see trends and variances, looks into the underlying GL Accounts, accesses the transaction detail, sees the invoice image, or jumps quickly between divisional results without the need to access the ERP.
  • Secure: Report level security, account/dimension definition security and user access controls allow you to restrict the detail each people can see and access.

Why Choose Us?

“Instead of taking the better part of a day to prepare the information for our financial statements, Vivid Reports does it in minutes.”


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