Back your decisions with business intelligence.

Gain the insights you need to make informed decisions with ease.

We took the formula out of the equation

Vivid Reports seamlessly integrates with Excel without the need for formulas or functions.

Get more than pretty pictures.

Vivid Reports gives you the tools you need to manage your organization more efficiently.

Why Vivid Reports BI CPM Solutions?


Vivid Reports will work with your data whether it’s stored locally or on remote data silos. As long as your data is something that can be reported on, our solutions can help you present it. It doesn’t matter where it resides!



Cloud Ready

Compatible with
Cloud based ERP


All report definitions and information reside in a central database with a robust layer of security. Security features include SOX compliant authentication and role/use management.


Secure Environment
Protects Information


Our advanced technology leverages the power of Microsoft SQL Server combined with our proprietary algorithms and data processes. Your reports and analysis have never been so fast!


Numbers When You
Need Them


Our user-friendly software can be learned by non-technical users in as little as two hours. Once you understand some basic concepts of how our software works, you are off and running!


To Use


We reduce technological barriers and make our software extremely easy to adopt and deploy. We are compatible with all major versions of Excel, Windows, SQL Server and are integrated with close to 50 ERP systems.


Compatible with Your
Current Software


Vivid can report on any data in any ODBC database. Information from the ERP, General Ledger, and Sub Ledgers can be easily combined with information in external systems!


Combine Operating
and Financial Data


You can trust Vivid Reports to be there when you need us! We provide excellent professional services in report development, conversion, training, and support.


Highest Customer


Vivid provides seamless connections to your information so that the answers to your questions are only a click away. Enable fiscal responsibility at your organization and free up your accounting department!


Information at
Your Fingertips


Vivid Reports – Flex

If you are using a reporting tool such as SSRS, Power BI, Crystal Reports, SmartLists or Microsoft Access, to name a few, then it would definitely be worth your while to take a closer look at Vivid Flex.  There are many unique advantages and features, that Flex has to offer, to make your reporting processes more efficient including eliminating manual exporting / importing processes.

Vivid Flex by Vivid Reports is reporting and data capture software that combines the power of Excel with the data retrieval and manipulation capabilities of a database.  Excel is great at formatting, presenting and performing advanced calculations with data.  But it falls short when trying to get consistent, efficient, accurate and secure data into Excel.  Vivid Flex solves these problems by making your data directly accessible from Excel.

Vivid Flex allows non-technical users, without any knowledge of SQL (Structured Query Language), to create rich reports with:

  1. Control Panels – for quick and easy selection of data
  2. Drill-Down – for seamless analysis to other reports, sub-reports, and calculations based on your analysis needs
  3. Automation – for report replication and distribution such as a weekly Flash sales report

Vivid Flex allows you to report across all areas of your organization even from different sources and database platforms.  This allows you to do such things as reconciliations between systems, drill-through to other systems for more detailed information, reporting directly from the source without having to duplicate all data into the same system.

Vivid Flex not only reports on data, it can capture data too.  Take any data in Excel and easily capture and write that information back to a database.  Once in the database you can report back across the data to consolidate and query information.  For example, you can use Vivid Flex to capture pipeline updates from your sales team to enable sales forecasting and cashflow prediction. Another example is to capture statistical and supplemental information that may not reside in any of your existing systems such as a Sales Rep rate of commission to calculate commissions payable or assumptions and variables used in your reports.

Vivid Flex is also fully integrated with our Vivid CPM product.  When you use both products together you can combine both financial and operational performance.  Take your usual financial reports and add addition information from Payroll to get FTE, production volumes, number of customers served, sales details from A/R and expense details from A/P.

Take your reports to the next level with Vivid Flex!  Contact us today!



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