When Vivid Reports?

Vivid Reports provides financial reporting, budgeting, and analysis software for publicly traded companies, private businesses, government and not-for-profit organizations throughout North America. Regardless of the industry, our software is a fit for any organization that requires better control, management and insight over their financial performance.

We serve a wide range of customers in terms of size and scope of implementation with licensed users ranging from single user systems to more than 500.  Our analysis features alone provide an excellent ROI by saving you time and enabling better decisions.  There are many other ways Vivid Reports can help your organization and a few are shown below.

Report on and across multiple divisions, locations, branches, departments,  or product lines with unlimited combinations and roll-up levels.  No matter how you are structured Vivid Reports will give you the perspectives you need.

Corporate Structure:
Perform consolidations with full currency conversion and seamless drill-down back to transactions.

Multiple Users:
Provide financial information to various users such as managers, executives and accounting team members.  Vivid Reports allows your users to become fiscally responsible for their specific area of the organization with complete security and confidence.

Simplify complex processes and have easy access to your information without weeks of training.

Reporting Standards:
SOX compliance, central repository of reporting elements, audit of changes to definitions and advanced security are some of the ways we give your organization confidence in the accuracy of reports and information.

Complex Scenarios:
Consolidate across entities even with different fiscal year-ends, different chart-of-accounts and segment structures, different underlying ERP systems, and multiple currencies.  With Vivid Reports you can easily align your information for seamless consolidated reporting.

Produce reports based on large General Ledgers with ease. It is not uncommon for the Vivid Reports database to warehouse millions of transactions that can be efficiently drilled into or reports that contain over 100,000 fully segmented accounts.

Excel Integration:
Leverage Microsoft Excel for more complex reporting, calculation, formatting, visualization, analysis and ease of use without any of the risks.



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