Vivid Reports CPM

Financial Reporting,



Vivid Reports CPM (Corporate Performance Management) solution provides a sophisticated financial reporting and budgeting framework that delivers unprecedented processing speed, ease of use, and security. It transforms Microsoft Excel® into a secure presentation and analysis work space. Additionally, CPM is powered by a lightning fast SQL Server® reporting engine. Vivid Reports CPM enables professionals to quickly produce, deliver, and analyze powerful financial reports and budget models. Our software empowers team members and stakeholders to immediately access the financial information and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) they need to gain valuable insight. This ensures targets are met and will help organizations achieve maximum financial performance.

In today’s competitive business environment, it’s vital that you have a window into your information. You need to have the tools to make sound business decisions and to meet new challenges and opportunities with confidence. Vivid Reports CPM is a comprehensive financial reporting, budgeting, and analysis CPM software solution that opens a window into your financial information. It provides your decision makers with the tools they need to easily view and analyze the financial performance of your organization without requiring them to have any technical expertise.

Vivid Reports will increase the productivity of your organization. Contact us to experience efficient reporting processes and better decisions.

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