ISV Talks featuring Vivid Reports

We were thrilled to be interviewed by Carol Livingston from Dynamics Connections in her latest Episode of ISV Talks. Here’s what Carol had to say about the session:

‘Who loves using MS Excel for Reporting and Budgeting? Everyone, right?! On this episode of ISV Talks, Christine Boisvert from Vivid Reports Business Intelligence has sophisticated and cloud-ready tools that are easy to use and deploy for their large customer base with Advanced Business Intelligence, Financial Reporting, & Budgeting software since 1999.

Their Vivid CPM and Vivid Flex solutions provide a fast, easy to implement solution for over 60 different accounting systems. If you or your clients are moving to a new accounting system, you can retain the historical data for reporting and connect to the new ERP!’

Watch the Episode yourself below:

Dynamics Connections services Microsoft Dynamics providers by executing marketing and sales activities to help businesses grow. This includes coaching and connecting businesses who can help each other expand in the technology service business.

A key component to Dynamics Connections is scheduled educational webinars on Dynamics ISVs solutions. Covering 10 solutions; VARs learn what and why, along with offers made each month by the publishers. Here they improve the use of Dynamics for their clients by understanding what is possible.

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